As the waves of the holiday season approach, it’s time to think about the perfect gifts for our loved ones. At Sea Green Designs, we understand the unique charm of coastal living and have curated a gift guide that caters to every coastal enthusiast. Whether you're shopping for a Bohemian soul, a Traditionalist, an Entertainer, or looking for conscious gift options, we have something for everyone.

For The Coastal Bohemian

Ombre prayer beads

The Coastal Bohemian is all about eclectic charm and a free-spirited approach to coastal living. Think unique, artisan-crafted pieces that tell a story.

For The Coastal TraditionalistVintage Confit Pot

Elegance and timelessness define the Coastal Traditionalist. Their style reflects classic designs with a nautical twist.

  • Live in the Sunshine  - A classic accent that brings the traditional coastal charm to any home.
  • Vintage Confit Pot- Ideal for those who appreciate the enduring beauty of understated designs.
  • Cauliflower Coral - This gift is a nod to the timeless appeal of coastal elegance.

For The Coastal EntertainerFresh Pearl Napkin Ring

For those who love hosting and creating memorable experiences, the Coastal Entertainer gifts are all about functionality and flair.

Conscious Coastal Gifts Under $100

Mindful gifting is about finding something special that doesn’t break the bank. Here are some thoughtful, eco-friendly options.

Conscious Coastal Gifts Over $200

For those special splurges, these gifts offer luxury with a conscience, embodying the best of coastal living.

  • Ocean Path - A beautiful piece to add a touch of the coast to any ones’ home created by one of our local artists.
  • Rimo Throw - For the ultimate indulgence in coastal luxury, this gift is unmatched.
  • Set of 3 Mini Balad Lanterns - Combining high-end appeal with a commitment to sustainability.

This holiday season, let Sea Green Designs be your guide to finding the perfect coastal gift. From bohemian chic to traditional elegance, our collections are thoughtfully curated to bring the tranquility and beauty of the coast to your loved ones.

Visit us in Southampton or our Online Shop to explore our full collection and find the perfect gift for every coastal enthusiast on your list.

March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey