The holiday season - a tapestry of twinkling lights, the warmth of family gatherings, and the joy of giving, yet also a time when our "to-do" lists expand like winter’s night. It's easy to succumb to the rush, the crowded stores, the endless planning. But what if this year could be different? What if you could greet the holidays with tranquility rather than turmoil? For those of you, who yearn for calm over chaos, this guide is your first gift of the season.

Staircase decorated for Christmas garland


Imagine a holiday season that mirrors the peaceful ebb and flow of the coast. To manifest this, begin with a brainstorming session. Scribble down every festive thought, then, with a steaming cup of tea in hand, consider the time each task demands. Can it be delegated, or does it deserve your personal touch? With a calendar as your canvas, paint your days with intention, leaving space for spontaneous moments of joy.

Consider these elements for your conscious coastal holiday:

  • A Home Adorned:
    • Will a Christmas Tree anchor your living room?
    • Do you envision a wreath welcoming peace at your door?
    • Picture your tree skirt, ornaments, and the glow of lights—should they mimic the shimmer of the sea?
  • The Art of Gift-Giving:
    • Think beyond the wrapping paper to the ribbons, the gift tags – each a small detail in the grand design.
  • Festive Focus Points:
    • Envision your mantle, shelf, or foyer table – how will they tell your holiday story?
  • A Stairway of Stars:
    • Can garlands and lights turn your stairs into a nightly constellation?
  • A Touch of Holiday in Every Corner:
    • From holiday hand towels to seasonal scents, how will your bathrooms and bedrooms evoke the holiday spirit?

Don't let these details become overwhelming. I've designed a downloadable spreadsheet, your personal holiday compass, to guide you through your tasks. Click here to download and subscribe to receive your guide to a serene season.


The conscious coastal holiday also extends to your purchases – each one a decision that ripples through your home and our oceans.

  • Embrace Joy: Select items that resonate with the heart of the holiday. If it doesn't spark joy, let the tide take it out.
  • Endure Beyond Seasons: Opt for longevity over disposability. Heirlooms over ephemerals.
  • Consider the Creation: Reflect on where and how your holiday decorations came into being. Seek stories of craftsmanship and ethical practices.
  • Material Matters: Choose materials that are kind to your coastal abode and our planet. Is it glass that reflects the winter light, or plastic that clouds our waters?


brainstorming image

Set a date for when your holiday transformation begins. Estimate the time you'll need and the space each decoration will fill. And before the season's symphony starts, declutter. Let your space breathe before adorning it with festive finery.

We're Here to Navigate with You

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March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey