Feeling like you need a little more romance in your coastal home? This season of love is the perfect time for a dreamy, romantic primary bedroom refresh.
Some of my favorite consults are helping clients create a cozy bedroom retreat in a coastal romantic style. Too often we focus on the public areas of our home while the primary bedroom takes a back seat to the entertaining areas.
So let’s change that today! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tips for creating your own luxurious beach bedroom retreat. Read on for ideas to make your bedroom the dreamiest, most romantic space in your coastal home! 

Set a Moody Scene

Take advantage of the moody coastal trend to set a romantic scene in your primary bedroom. Few things are more chic than a dramatic accent wall painted a deep coastal blue. Or try a deep blue-patterned wallpaper for a sumptuous look and feel. 
If you’re not quite ready to commit to dark walls, try adding moody accessories, like a deep chambray chandelier or dramatic deep blue bedding. Sticking to a coastal palette keeps the beach vibe while trending more moody romantic.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Nothing’s more indulgent than buttery soft sheets and layers of cushy blankets in your coastal primary bedroom.

Treat yourself to a new set (or two!) of sheets or duvet, like the  Everly duvet from Avasa Home. Avasa is brand with a focus on natural, sustainable, organic fabric. Pile on the blankets and pillows to create the most comfy, cozy, romantic bedroom retreat ever. 
When it comes to pillows, I say you can’t have too many! There’s something so sumptuous and inviting about a big bed loaded with pillows of all shapes and sizes. Splurge on the softest materials you can find for ultimate comfort.

Add a Cushy Soft Rug Underfoot

Set a cozy scene as soon as you step into your bedroom with a plush, oversized rug. Jute and rattan are often used in coastal design, but for romantic interiors I recommend going with wool.
Wool is a natural material that provides an instant luxurious feel when used as a bedroom rug. Our nobility rug is a buttery soft wool blend in a soothing neutral coastal palette. The pattern is subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm your space. Rather, it will create a soft, warm vibe, like stepping into a hug after a long day.

Add Mood Lighting

Up the ambience in your coastal primary bedroom with thoughtful lighting. A big challenge for many of my clients is how to ensure your lighting works for everything from reading to romance.

As with many aspects of design, you want to think in layers. A good lighting scheme will include bright and low light options, especially if you are aiming to bring more romance into your coastal primary bedroom.
Layer your lighting from bright to dim so you can easily change the mood. Good choices are bedside table lamps in dreamy coastal colors, dramatic chandeliers, or even a floor lamp if you have the space. Avoid having only overhead lighting in your bedroom, and the right mood will be easier to achieve.

Bring the Heat

If you want to know how to create a romantic retreat in your home, take a cue from your favorite beachy resort. Adding a fireplace to your primary bedroom is a bit more involved, for sure. But the reward is a toasty vibe that will warm up the coldest of winter nights.
The ambient glow of a fireplace is just right for setting a romantic mood. But if you’re not quite ready to go all in, a few well-placed candles can provide the same warm ambience. Just be mindful to not overdo it! You want just enough for a soft glow.

Create Drama With Soaring Furniture

Dramatic furniture is a great way to up the romance and intrigue in your primary coastal bedroom. If you have a large room and are ready to jump all in, the subtle drama of a 4-poster bed is hard to beat.

Canopy beds have come a long way, and these days you can find sleek, stylish versions without the opulence of years past. Our washed oak modern four poster bed is a thoroughly updated version that acts as a focal point in your primary bedroom. And what’s more romantic than an elegant, dramatic bed?
I hope these tips have inspired you to be a little more thoughtful about bringing romance into your coastal primary bedroom. From small touches to grand gestures, these ideas will help you create your own dreamy retreat that you can enjoy year after year. 
If you’re still struggling with how to get a warm, inviting feel in your primary bedroom, why not book a complimentary design chat with me? I love helping clients achieve the coastal retreat of their dreams.
March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey