Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ve been doing consultations with clients on ways to use pink in their coastal living room as a nod to this heart-warming holiday.  Adding pink into your coastal decor can be a tricky endeavor, but I’m here to help! 
I recall several years ago a client called asking for a consultation because his wife wanted to paint their living room pink! It was an unusual request and we managed to pick the exact shade for their aesthetic, but this is not where I would start if you want a hint of a pink palette.
So I’ve come up with three ways to use pink in your coastal living room that will brighten up your space and show your love for your home. Whether you’re looking to dip a toe into this pretty hue or dive right in, I’ve got you covered!

Try Art and Accessories With Pops of Pink In Your Coastal Living Room

"Sunset Waiting for a Full Moon" by Casey Chalem Anderson shown above at Sea Green Designs Shop
This is for those of you who want to dabble in a pink palette. We so often think of watery blues, calming greens, and neutral tones as the basis of a coastal palette. But we can also take inspiration from the pinks and oranges of sunset, and an easy way to do that is with art. 
Artwork in pink hues like landscapes with flowers or ocean sunsets add a warm, romantic personality to your living space. A stunning ocean scene with a rosy sunset palette hung over your mantle would make just the right understated focal point.
You can complete your mini pink makeover by adding a few accessories to your living room. Try a cluster of these coral ceramic peonies for a dreamy, romantic vibe. Fresh flowers are never a bad idea—stick with coastal pink hues. The choice of flower is up to you, but roses for Valentine’s Day (hint hint) never go out of style. These light-hearted swaps can be just enough to nod to the holiday without overwhelming your living room.

Make a Small Statement With Pillows and Throws

Pillows provide extra comfort and add some layered detail to a living room. And they’re the perfect place to start if you want to make more of a statement with pink in your coastal living room! 
If you like bold, you could add pillows in a deep, rosy pink. It contrasts nicely with a navy and white coastal palette. Our Suzani Guava Linen pillow could definitely work with deep coastal blues. 
Looking for a softer, more soothing vibe? Blush pink pillows are the way to go if your palette leans toward neutrals, earthy tones, or even coastal pastels. Our Hanami pillow is made of 100% linen in a repeating geometric floral pattern. Or you can go Old World romantic with our Iznik Winter Bloom pillow. I love the contrast of the coastal blue background and the blush pink floral design. 
Throws provide the same visual “wow” factor as pillows when you want to use pink in your coastal living room. The same rules apply here as with pillows—consider what kind of statement you want to make and what your current palette is. If you really want to catch someone’s eye, get as close to red as you can with our “berry” silk throw by Sustainable Threads. Made from cruelty-free silk and handwoven, the stripes fit right into a coastal aesthetic. 

Take the Plunge With Furniture and Rugs in Pink Hues

If you're not afraid of commitment, a pair of upholstered chairs in pink (like our Abby chair) are a nice accent in a living room for a soft, traditional coastal look. To make a statement, look for a bold pattern with plenty of pink. Make it romantic with big florals, or go streamlined with stripes.
An area rug provides the same wow factor when you choose one with plenty of pink. Keep it coastal by contrasting blue tones of the sea or neutral tones with some pink mixed throughout. The warmth of the pink is a nice contrast to cool coastal colors and adds that layered interest we love.
You can see how there are so many ways to use pink in your coastal living room— it all depends on your style and your love of the blush-toned hue. Changing up your design throughout the year is a great way to keep your look fresh and celebrate holidays. If you’re still not quite sure how you can use pink in your own coastal home, book a complimentary design chat with me! I love helping clients achieve the romantic coastal retreat of their dreams.
March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey