Who doesn’t love a good spa day? An escape from daily annoying stressors, a chance to relax and pamper yourself—going to the spa has so many mental and physical benefits it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.
In fact, given the amazing benefits of a day at the spa, why not go all out and create a coastal spa retreat in your primary bathroom? Imagine retreating to your own luxurious spa escape anytime you want to. 
Below I’ve gathered my best ideas to bring modern coastal luxury to your primary bathroom. From swanky accessories to chic finishes, soon you’ll be ditching the day spa in favor of your very own private retreat. 

1. Upgrade Your Accessories

Let’s start with the simple touches that can have a big impact on creating a coastal spa retreat in your primary bathroom. Upgrading your accessories is a small way to create a spa experience in your own home.
Keep the look beachy luxe with natural materials such as stone, rattan, or even shells. There are so many options for you here, depending on your own coastal style
Our Andria collection is a perfect choice if you favor a modern coastal bathroom look. The capiz shell overlay brings a lustrous elegance to each piece. All together they create a calm, refined feel that’s perfect for a relaxing spa-at-home day. Grab the soap dish, trays, brush holder, tissue box, and wastebasket for a complete, serene look.
If you want to make a statement, look no further than our eye-popping Enna collection, featuring a soap dish, soap pump, tissue box, and wastebasket. Whole natural oyster shells are set in resin, creating textural interest and beauty in these everyday items. And isn’t that what a spa day should be all about?

2. Use Swanky Storage in Nature-Inspired Materials

Bathroom clutter seems to be an ongoing issue for most of us. And if we want to create that spa day feel at home, we need to find ways to corral all the bottles, tubes, and towels that threaten to overtake the space, especially in a small bathroom interior. And using storage solutions made with natural elements keeps your look elegant and coastal.
My favorite solution is a rectangular everything basket. Grab one (or two or ten!) and instantly clear the clutter from your vanity top. If you have the space, a shelving unit with these baskets is a perfect way to keep favorite toiletries and spa towels at hand without being visually overwhelming.
For items you want to keep on the vanity top, consider dispensing them into glass jars or other matching containers, like this cerused oak Hempstead box. Both options create calm and reflect the coastal spa vibe we’re aiming for.

3. Paint the Walls in Calming Coastal Palette

Painting the walls definitely falls under the category of “easy bathroom updates” that make a big impact. Create a spa day feel with a soothing palette of coastal hues designed to calm the eyes and the mind.
If you’re not sure where to start, my primer on coastal color palettes will help guide you. My choice for creating a coastal spa retreat is the Sea Green Palette, with shades of tranquil blues and greens. You could use any of these colors on the walls and trim of your bathroom.

4. Install a Luxury Vanity

If you’re interested in how to upgrade your bathroom for maximum impact, replacing your vanity is definitely the way to go. This allows you to truly create the coastal spa retreat of your dreams by setting up your bathroom in a way that is tailored to your needs.
Here you have so many options that you’ll want to consider working with an interior designer to get the exact size and feel for your own beautiful bathroom. A floating vanity offers a light, airy feel that reflects modern coastal vibes, while a cerused oak option with legs leans toward a more classic coastal aesthetic.

5. Add a Stunning Chandelier

Don’t forget the importance of lighting when creating your own spa retreat! Adding a luxe chandelier in natural materials ties coastal and spa experience together in a stunning package.
Our Terza chandelier features strings of white clamshells tapering down from a brushed silver ring. It provides just the right amount of casual elegance to take your primary bathroom from everyday to extraordinary.
I hope these ideas have inspired you to get started on creating a coastal spa retreat in your primary bathroom! If the idea of escaping to a soothing, relaxing space in your home appeals to you, why not give these tips a try?
Feeling a little stressed about where to start? Why not schedule a complimentary design chat with me? Taking the hassle out of my clients’ design projects is what I do best. Together we can create a plan for a tailor-made spa retreat, and I’ll take care of the rest.
March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey