Fall in love with your home? It’s definitely possible and highly recommended. In my New Year’s home resolutions post I went over how to cultivate gratitude for your home. But today I want to go one step beyond gratitude and show you some simple ways to fall absolutely, positively head-over-heels in love with your home.
Love and gratitude bring us feelings of well-being and are known stress-reducers. What’s more, your home is your sacred space and should fill you with inspiration every time you walk in the door. And who doesn’t want some easy ways to reduce stress?
Let’s go over my ideas that will have your home sparking joy and love today and throughout the year.

Fall In Love With Memories Made

We create memories at home every day of the year. Whether it’s something simple like a midweek meal full of laughter or a big milestone like your child’s first steps, your home holds your family memories. 
Actively recalling these positive memories can improve your mood and well-being and make you fall in love with your home again and again. But it’s hard without visual reminders! So how can you ensure you’re surrounded by all the warm, cozy memories your home holds? Creating a gallery wall is a great way to keep them front and center.
The first step is to choose which memories you want to feature. Photos are the obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use objects too. The first key to your home or a custom sign with your street name on it are some ideas. Gather your items, then it’s time to choose frames! Keep it coastal of course. Both this frame and this frame are special enough to hold your favorite home memories and reflect that beach vibe.

Highlight Your Favorite Belongings

Displaying your most treasured possessions in beautiful ways can fill your home with joy and love. Corral your favorite items in beautiful containers so you can’t help but fall in love with every room you walk into.
Think trays, baskets, and bowls that reflect your coastal aesthetic. The Hempstead and Westport boxes are both perfect for small, valuable items like jewelry. Use our Everything Basket for, well, everything — from children’s artwork to your cushiest cashmere throws. 
For a twist, turn the vessel into a treasured object with our statement-making onyx bowl. The organic shape and neutral hues are perfect for your beloved coastal home.

Infuse Your Home With Cozy Coastal Love

Your home is a cozy space for you and your family. For most of us, there are one or two rooms everyone in the family gravitates to. My own family and I have fallen in love with our kitchen— it’s a beautiful, comforting space where we gather and share meals and laughter. And of course it’s coastal-inspired!
Where are the spaces you and your family tend to gather? Take stock of all that you love about these spaces. Do they reflect the neutral tones and warm textures of a coastal-inspired interior? Tending to these small details can have a big impact on how you and your family feel in your home.
We designed this kitchen so our client's vintage cookie jar collection could be displayed.
If your living room is where everyone hangs out, bring more love into your home by layering comforting textures. A few classic throws in beachy hues, such as this one or this one, invite loved ones to linger for hours. Ensure plenty of soft, warm lighting with floor and table lamps. This Catalina Wave table lamp is one of my favorites for creating a coastal vibe and a soft glow. A few well-selected accessories complete the coastal look and a sense of your own personal retreat. Coral sculptures add interest and a calming feel. And what says falling in love with your home more than these carved wooden hearts gathered in a bowl?

Fall In Love With A Home That Reflects You and Your Family

Your home is where you and your family experience all the highs and lows in life. It provides you with shelter, warmth, and safety. But more than that — it’s a reflection of you and all you hold dear.
How can you ensure your home is a true reflection of you and your family? By working with a design professional who will create a customized plan that showcases the love for your family and the love for your home. 
Why not schedule a complimentary design chat and see what we can dream up for you? My specialty and my passion is creating unique coastal retreats for clients who are ready to fall in love with their homes. 
March 05, 2024 — Jessica Ayala