Today I’m sharing the second installment in my series on finding your coastal style. Currently, this is the style my clients lean toward the most, and I think it’s because, as the name says, it is a transition from a much more traditional coastal style. When I first started interior design 20 years ago, clients with a beach house wanted less of the modern, city feel they all have in their main residence. They wanted a look connected to the countryside environment of their Hamptons home which often veered toward the traditional style (You can read the first post on Traditional Coastal Style here) or cottage styles. As technology changed the way we live and lives have become busier than ever, clients started want less clutter and cleaner lines. To me, that defines transitional coastal style, a transition between a traditional and a more modern aesthetic. I would say the number one element of transitional coastal style is simple, clean lines. In the master bedroom we designed below, the headboard and nightstand have very simple lines, but the addition of the lamps that belonged to my client's mother are very traditional. We also softened the lines by tufting the headboard. This created a level of comfort. Another key element of transitional coastal style is a neutral color palette which you can also see in the room above. Another example with some pops of color is the den of a home I did a few years ago. The third key element is the diverse types of textures used. This is really key in transitional coastal style to add warmth to the space. I use a lot of natural textures like grass cloth on walls or washed oak or glazed finishes on furniture. In the bedroom below from the 2017 Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse. I had the talented John Chandler from Chandler Decorative arts create a textured glazed finish on the walls, and all of the furnishings have washed or glazed finishes. I brought in textured linen for the drapery and layered textures on the bed. Do you think transitional coastal is the look your after in your home? What do you like or dislike about it? I love the flexibility of the transitional coastal style. As an interior designer, it give me the opportunity to explore more options throughout the design process, but others may find it challenging to receive the right balance. I would love to know your thoughts. Please share them in the comments. Be well! Shannon                    
February 28, 2024 — Shannon Willey