I believe the colors you paint your home are key to the feeling you will get while spending time there. Of course, the science behind color psychology reiterates this. So, I’m pretty confident in how I feel about this… I created four, very different, coastal paint palettes for your home. If you follow us on instagram, you know that I have a daily ritual of walking on the beach. I’m always inspired by the colors I see during those beach walks each day, and I’m hoping you’ll be inspired by the mood created by each of the coastal color palettes I’m sharing today.
Each color scheme is created with paint colors from a different paint manufacturer. We use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams quite often, but I also love Pure & Original Paints and C2 Paints because not only are their colors beautiful, but their paints are natural. I recommend you choose low or no VOC paints regardless of the paint manufacturer you choose so that when your done painting, you have a “breathe easy” environment that’s not off-gassing volatile organic compounds, giving you headaches and making it hard to breathe. With that said, the following palettes are some of the best colors for creating a coastal vibe in your home.

The Breakwater Palette Using Pure & Original Paints

I recommend this palette if you prefer neutral colors. The sea salt is a beautiful soft white rather than a bright white. This would be great for your trim or your walls. If you are someone who likes an accent wall, Blue Stone would be a great backdrop behind a sofa in a den. I can also picture this in a study being the color of the millwork, e.g. built-in bookcases and trim. Put that with a grasscloth wallpaper, and ooh la la! My favorite color in this palette of Pure & Original paints is Lagoon Water. This is that blue grey color that looks different depending on what other colors you pair with it. Silver Clay is a perfect warm grey for just about any space.
Pure & Original makes a variety of paint products. I love the Classico for its soft matte finish. It’s chalk based paint which can be used on furniture as well. Check out their website to see their full range of products. We used the Marrakech in our Southampton Design Shop.

Subtle Surf Palette Using C2 Paints

This palette is for you if you’re looking for something soothing. Cappuccino Froth is a little more beige/ brown than I typically use on my projects, but it really evokes the sandy tones of the beach and works well with natural wood tones. You could easily use Archival for all your common areas. Silk and Idyillic are great options for your bedrooms and bathrooms. I love the lavender undertones of Idyllic which makes this palette feel a little feminine.
I love that C2 Paints are hand-crafted using finely ground artisan pigments and is a full spectrum paint. Part of their mission is to make paint that is safe for your family and for our planet. Check out their website to learn more about them.

Coastal Sand Palette Using Sherwin Williams

You’ll want to use Warm Winter if you’re looking to add some warmth to your space. Similar to the role that Cappucino Froth plays in the Subtle Surf Palette, Warm Winter is like the natural wood undertone you would find using oak floors in your home. I would recommend this palette for you if you want a nautical coastal vibe and blue walls. The Azure Tide is a nice bright blue, but not too bright. Silent Ripple is a beautiful shade off-white with a hint of blue. Lakeside is a nice cool blue/grey. You’ll get a nice contrast of color using this palette in your home.
When we use Sherwin Williams paints, we like the Harmony Zero VOC paint. This paint actually helps to reduce VOC levels from other sources in the room like carpets, cabinets, and fabrics. Of course, I recommend choosing fabrics and finishes that don’t off-gas VOCs in the first place, but if you can’t, then this paint can help improve your indoor air quality. You can learn more on the Sherwin Williams site .

Seagreen Paint Palette Using Benjamin Moore Paints

Last but not least, is a palette that will give you that calm, spa-like feeling. There is not a lot of contrast between the colors, but they are all different shades of blues and greens that create that “aahhhh”  or even “om” kind of feeling that I love. I chose colors that were not too dull or pastel so that you could have a coastal color scheme that is timeless. Each of these hues is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, poolhouses. The list goes on. I really like this palette with Benjamin Moore’s Super White for any millwork. It’s perfect for the light and airy coastal vibe.
Like the other paint companies, Benjamin Moore also has Zero VOC paint called Eco Spec, but I also really like their Aura paint which is low VOC. It’s a great quality and comes in a matte finish which is beautiful. They also have a phenomenal range of colors to choose from. You can learn more about them here.
That wraps up my paint palette post. (Say that 10 times fast, LOL). The truth is you could take all four palettes and use them all throughout your home to create a different coastal vibe. I included the inspiration photos from my beach walks for you to see and think, "how does this make me feel". If you like that feeling, chances are you'll like the way your home feels using these color combinations.
Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments.
February 28, 2024 — Shannon Willey