When I started my business almost 15 years ago, I did a lot of faux finishes or decorative paint finishes as they are often called. I mostly limit doing them to my design projects now. I love to add my own very personal touch by actually doing the work myself which is why I now limit my decorative painting work to my own design projects. Although, I love to teach techniques in my workshops and wanted to share with you the process of creating the look of seagrass for your walls. Start with a base coat Start with a base coat Mix your paint or pigment as glaze Mix your paint or pigment as glaze Horizontal strie glaze rolled on walls Roll the glaze horizontally across the wall Drag your brush horizontally across the wall Drag your brush horizontally across the wall The completed wall The completed wall These photos were taken when we first moved Sea Green Designs into it's current location 2 years ago. I used Faux Effects products then. I like them because they are water based and love VOC (volatile organic compounds) which means they do not off gas chemical fumes like oil based paints. Better for, better for the environment! They are formulated to allow you to work with the glaze for an extended period of time so that you can blend the areas as you work. If you try this with latex paint and water it will be blotchy because the paint will dry too quickly. You can get latex glazing liquid from many paint stores though. So, you do not have to use Faux Effects products, but make a test board before you venture into finishing your walls! I chose an earthy brown color to work with the reclaimed pine floors that were in the space. I also wanted the natural color you would find in grass cloth wallpapers. You can get a lot of different effects by changing the base color of paint that is rolled on like normal wall paint, as well as changing the color of the glaze. After I mixed my glaze, I rolled it on with a 1/4" nap roller horizontally in sections. Then I dragged my "weaver brush" which is from Ralph Lauren Paint. I purchased it years ago, so it's a bit different in the link. For this effect, I went horizontally across the wall. You can get many different effects by doing a vertical strie or even criss-crossing with the brush. As you can see, the glaze will have a variation, lighter and darker areas, mush like you'd find a woven grass cloth wallpaper. Here are a few photos of grass cloth walls for you to compare charles and hudson Colony Raffia Grass Cloth by Thibaut Colony Raffia Grass Cloth by Thibaut Do you like the grass cloth look? It's a great way to add a coastal, natural texture to your home. The painted version may be a more durable option for some. And, for those who may want to paint over it later, you can certainly do this with ease versus stripping the paper. Just a few things to keep in mind when selecting a wall finish. Best, Shannon    
November 19, 2014 — Shannon Willey