Choosing accessories for your coastal home can be such a fun process! After you’ve made the big decisions about furniture layout, lighting, and colors, it’s time to tie it all together.
This part of design can stump people, though. It can be hard to know exactly what coastal design accessories will bring a cohesive look to your home and express your personality.
So I’ve put together a quick guide on how to accessorize to get those perfect beach vibes. I’m focusing on the living room, but you can use these tips in any room in your home. And I’ve curated a collection of seven of my favorite finds from our shop to get your inspiration flowing. Let’s get started!

How to Choose Coastal Living Room Accessories

Coastal style draws inspiration from the movement, color, and atmosphere of an ocean landscape. With that in mind, here are my best tips for choosing coastal accessories for a cohesive feel in your living room.
1. Stick with natural materials. I love using natural materials for both aesthetics and sustainability. Natural elements are durable and add texture, color, and beauty to coastal design. Think ceramics, jute, glass, rattan, reclaimed wood, etc. Houseplants are a wonderful addition to a coastal living room. Avoid synthetic materials in coastal decor as much as you can. They often have a strange sheen and aren’t inviting to touch. 
2. Consider proportion. To get perfect harmony in a coastal-inspired living room, think about the scale of your entire room. You may be drawn to a large, dramatically oversized vase, for example. But if you have low ceilings or small furniture, that vase will likely overwhelm the room. If you’re not sure how a particular piece will fit in your room, take measurements! Find a similar object in size and scale and try it out in the space. This will give you an idea of appropriate proportions. 
3. Think about color and texture. Your color palette will help guide you when choosing accessories. If you’ve gone with a neutral living room, keep the look cohesive by sticking with the same colors. You can add interest with layering and texture while maintaining your color palette. Think about a ceramic lamp in a neutral color with a grooved pattern that reflects the wavy patterns the ocean makes on the sand. If your style leans bold, make a statement with pops of color in your accessories. Throw pillows or lamps in a bright hue add interest and give the eye somewhere to land. 
Now that you have an idea of how to choose the perfect coastal accessories for your home, let’s go over some of my favorite shop finds!

7 Fabulous Finds for Your Coastal Living Room

  1. Blessing beads. A truly meaningful addition to your coastal decor. A gold-rimmed recycled oyster shell hangs from a circle of understated wooden beads. Handmade by Grit and Grace in Charleston, SC, these beads look just as lovely draped over a mantle as they do nestled in a woven basket. They serve as a gentle reminder to approach each day with gratitude and appreciation for the little things. I love giving these beads as housewarming gifts!
  2. Diva round bud vase. This handcrafted porcelain vase by Art Floral exemplifies the symmetry and beauty found in an ocean landscape. The round shape and concentric lines are an artful interpretation of a sea urchin shell. In your living room, cluster several of these tiny vases on the mantle or a side table for a dramatic effect. 
  3. White Reef Books. Keep your living room look neutral down to the smallest details with these subtly beautiful white reef books. They’re bound in handmade natural parchment with a silk-screened white organic pattern. Arrange in groups of 6-8 on your bookshelves for a cohesive, uncluttered feel.
  4. Ceramic flowers. Full of texture and interest, these handcrafted ceramic flowers from Chive make a stunning nature-inspired display for your coffee table. Arrange several casually or corral them on a tray or in a large basket. 
  5. Soy candle with coaster. Bring the invigorating scent of the sea indoors with this candle from Mer Sea. The candle is made from clean-burning soy wax and natural oils, and sits atop a natural agate coaster. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a coffee table tray. I also like to place these on side tables or reading nooks for a subtle whiff of salty air.
  6. Magazine basket. Baskets made of natural and woven materials are my favorite way to keep clutter corralled. The whitewashed finish on this magazine basket reflects the weathered feel of coastal design. Keep baskets to a minimum in your living room, though. Too many and it starts to feel busy. If you have bookshelves with doors, though, baskets are a perfect way to organize odds and ends within.
  7. Coffee table book. Thoughtfully chosen coffee table books are perfect for the beach house aesthetic. They’re great for showing your unique personality and providing eye candy and reading material for guests. And they’re easy to incorporate into your living room— just place one or two max on your coffee table and you’re all set!

I hope the above tips and finds give you plenty of inspiration to find the perfect coastal accessories for your living room! But if you’re still not sure, why not book a free design chat with me? I offer customized, personalized design services to help you create your unique coastal retreat. Click here to chat with me about your needs.
March 05, 2024 — Shannon Willey